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Learn the fundamentals of the physics of sound, including how it is measured and analyzed.


Auditory Assessment

Gain an understanding of the equipment and tests used in the audiometric test battery.


Digital Signal Processing

Learn how sound pressure is converted into computer-friendly code (and vice versa).


Electricity and Circuits

Learn how voltage, current and resistance can be used to describe simple circuits.



Learn how biological signals are measured and used in the clinic.


Extraocular Muscles

Become familiar with the muscles and nuclei that control eye movements.


Vestibular Assessment

Learn the principles, techniques and interpretation of common vestibular tests.

What is Audiology Source? is a resource for all things hearing and balance. This site is intended primarily for Audiologists, but is also useful for Physicians, Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, and any health care practitioner interested in audiology and its subspecialties. was born out of a desire for a single resource that covers material from the many sciences necessary to understand how human beings hear and maintain balance.

What you'll find at

  • A variety of diagnostic tests
  • Scientific background explaining how and why clinical tests work
  • Easy-to-understand explanations
  • Illustrations and Animations
  • Self-Practice Questions
Audiology Source

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