Repositioning Maneuvers

Written by Travis M. Moore
Last edited 10-Jun-2020

Thinking in 3D

The secret to remembering the positions when treating BPPV is to imagine a 3D model of the semicircular canals (SCCs). This can be challenging at first, and it definitely helps to be able to see a 3D model in the beginning. Luckily, Michael Teixido, MD has created software that allows you to view the SCCs in 3D as they move through the repositioning maneuvers. There is even an option to add otoconia to a canal and watch it work its way back into the vestibule by the end of the maneuver. This great software is completely free to download and is a superb way to get comfortable with the orientation of the SCCs when patients lay in different positions. You can either click and drag the model around yourself, or check out some premade animations on the site. The software is called BPPV viewer and can be found by clicking the link.

BPPV Repositioning Maneuvers Flowchart

Refer to the chart below to determine the appropriate canalith repositioning maneuver.

BPPV Flowchart
FIG. 1. © Travis M. Moore (2019)

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